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aquathermJim Godbout Plumbing and Heating would like to introduce you to Aquatherm.
Aquatherm Greenpipe is widely recognized by both experts and consumers around the world as one of the safest and most permanent potable water systems available. Aquatherm's Climatherm was developed for applications outside the potable water installation and includes all the advantages of Aquatherm Greenpipe but is engineered for chilled water, hydronic heating, and industrial applications. Aquatherm Lilac is specifically designed for rainwater and greywater distribution, making it an essential part of any water conservation system.

Aquatherm has produced the most advanced and environmentally-friendly piping systems in the world. With installations in over 70 countries worldwide, Aquatherm is the global leader in PP-R pressure piping for potable, heating and cooling, and greywater applications.

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Primary Benefits:

Many building owners and developers are also concerned about the earth, and are looking for ways to make their facilities more-efficient and environmentally-friendly. In nearly all cases, Aquatherm's piping systems take less energy to produce, install and run than other systems, and create less pollutants. This is why Aquatherm's systems are the only pipes that provide any value as a "green" product. They can even contribute to earning the USGBC's LEED credits.

The value of using Aquatherm is two-fold: Aquatherm Greenpipe and Climatherm last longer, perform better and require less maintenance than most other piping systems in many applications, making them a clear upgrade in quality; at the same time, the installed cost of the Aquatherm piping solutions is equal to and often less than comparable alternatives and their low maintenance and improved flow rates make them more cost-effective to use.

Health and safety are important concerns, and that's why Aquatherm has developed a system that is inert to water and completely free of toxic materials. Even the purest water won't absorb any chemicals from the aquatherm greenpipe system, ensuring that the piping system never affects the people drinking from it.


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