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Mini Split Heat PumpHeat Pumps & Mini Splits

What are they?

In simple terms, a heat pump is a system which moves heat from one location to another using only a small amount of electrical energy to heat and cool a space. The equipment can consist of a water to air heat exchanger (GEO Thermal) or an air to air exchanger. GEO systems require a well to be drilled which significantly adds to the system cost. Because of cost, the most common installation employs an air to air exchange which we will focus on here.

The heart of the air to air heat pump is the outdoor unit called a compressor (or condenser). (shown to the right)

The outdoor unit is connected to the interior distribution system via insulated copper lines which carry refrigerant back and forth between the units. The refrigeration cycle uses changes in pressure and temperature of the refrigerant to pull ambient heat from the outside air in winter and pull heat away from inside the home in the summertime.

If your home or business already has ductwork we can connect to that to distribute the heat or cooling. The most common installation is a ductless system. In a ductless system interior units or “heads” are centrally installed and can condition an entire floor of a typical home. These heads are extremely efficient and quiet.

The heads are available in white and mirror finish. They are 3 to 4 feet long, approximately a foot tall and project away from the wall about 8 inches.

Ductless mini-splits will cool and dehumidify your home in the summer and produce heat in the winter (even when it’s below freezing outdoors) without burning gas or oil. Many factors affect installed cost - electric power, unit size, piping runs etc. but an average cost for a single head installation is $4,000.00.


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