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Solar Heating Systems

Solar has become a huge part of our business over the past few years.

Vitosol 300 evacuated solar tubes are providing heating via radiant heat, solar domestic hot water and snowmelt systems on many of our jobs. We install our systems with Viessmann controls and pump stations. Resol and Innovex controls are also used to operate and monitor solar productivity via centralized control system or the web.

Solar Heating Systems Contractor Maine Vitosol 300

Vacuum tube solar collectors.
Absorber surface area: 22 and 32 sq.ft - 2 and 3 sq.m

Solar Heating Systems Contractor Maine Vitocell-B 300

Stainless steel domestic hot water tank for hygienic domestic hot water heating. Dual heat exchanger coil for solar heating applications in conjunction with solar collectors and a heating boiler.
Capacity: 79 USG - 300 liters

Energy Credit and Rebate Notice

Examples of Solar Work we have done :Here are many of our installs from residential homes, Federal Jacks Brew pub, Shipyard Brew pub, Saco Waste water Treatment plant, Seadog Brewery in Bangor, The Inn at Peaks Island, Shipyard Banquet facility in Eliot, Maine.

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maine solar heating contractor maine solar heating contractor
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The most environmentally-friendly method of domestic hot water heating, as well as a backup/supplement for low-temperature heating purposes.

Thanks to the highly effective Sol-Titan coating, the vacuum tube collector Vitosol 300 can even utilize diffused solar radiation. It is therefore suitable not only for domestic hot water applications, but also as a backup for central heating purposes.

The benefits at a glance:

  • High level of operational reliability and a long service life thanks to the use of high-grade, corrosion-resistant materials such as special solar glass, copper and stainless steel. Durable, vacuum-tight glass-to-metal seal.
  • High efficiency thanks to the Sol-Titan coated absorber and vacuum collector tubes.
  • Energy-efficient Duotec wrap-around pipe heat exchanger, which almost completely encases the condensers to facilitate better heat transfer.
  • The condenser has a flexible connection to the vacuum tube via a stainless steel corrugated pipe. The individual tubes can be adjusted for optimum alignment to the sun during original placement.
  • The dry connection of the collector tubes allows for individual tubes to be mounted and disassembled without having to drain the solar heating system.
  • Proven Viessmann plug-in system for connecting several collectors to form one collector panel with a total surface area of up to 65 ft2 - 6 m2.
  • A fully integrated solar system package available:
    • Vitosol 300 vacuum tube collectors
    • Vitocell 100 or 300 hot water storage tank
    • Solar-Divicon pump station
    • Solartrol-M control unit
    • Solar expansion tank, Tyfocor solar fill
    • System fill manifold
Vitosol 300 Technical Data


 Absorber area sq. ft
sq. m
 Total dimensions





 Total weight lbs

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maine solar heating contractor maine solar heating contractor
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For the Vitocell-B 300 the heat from solar collectors is transferred to the water via the lower heat exchanger coil. The upper heat exchanger coil accommodates reheating by the heating boiler.

The narrow, cone-shaped heat exchanger coils and their design provide maximum energy transfer in connection with Viessmann solar collectors.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Long service life due to corrosion-resistant hot water tank and heat exchanger coil construction of high-alloy SA240-316Ti stainless steel.
  • No sacrificial anode required for additional corrosion protection; therefore no anode replacement costs.
  • Heating of the entire water content by a heat exchanger coil extending to the tank bottom.
  • Reliable hot water comfort due to fast, even heating with large-diameter 1"/25 mm non-finned heat exchanger coil.
  • Minimal standby losses through highly effective foamed-in-place or wrap-around HCFC-free insulation.
  • Two thermometers to show the domestic hot water temperature at the top of the tank and at midpoint
Vitocell-B 300 Technical Data


 Storage capacity USG
 Overall dimensions (with insulation)
 Total weight lbs

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Energy Credit & Rebate Notice!

Please keep in mind that there are energy credits and rebates available to resisdential consumers, business and industry, for example:

  • From the state of Maine a $1250.00 rebate is available to all consumers
  • 30% of your total solar install price can be claimed for a value up to $2000.00 in tax credits from the federal government (there is no cap for business and industry installs).

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Photos: Solar Installations

Jim Godbout Plumbing & Heating, Inc. teamed up with Ascendant Energy from Rockland, Maine to install one of the largest solar thermal jobs in New England at Oakhurst Dairy in Portland, Maine.

Ascendant Energy is installing roof curbs and commercial panels from AES Solar.

Our company has the task of delivering the energy being produced (2.7 million BTU's during good solar day) from solar panels to Oakhurst Dairy's case washing and domestic hot water system. We are using 2" type L copper, with the Viega high temperature Pro-Press system to pipe the 72 commercial panels installed by Ascendant Energy. We are connecting panels with circuit setters and balancing valves to achieve proper flow at each panel. System pumps are Wilo Stratos low energy pumps, with Resol differential controllers.
Storage tanks of 750 & 1500 gallons are STSS system with copper heat exchangers.

Solar piping heating solar tank solar piping roof solar piping on roof
Solar Piping Oakhurst Dairy Oakhurst Dairy Solar Tank II Oakhurst Dairy Solar Piping
Receiving Roof
Oakhurst Dairy Solar Piping III
solar panel piping on roof solar piping solar panels on roof solar boiler tank
Oakhurst Dairy Solar Piping II Oakhurst Dairy Solar Piping Oakhurst Dairy Solar Panels Oakhurst Dairy Boiler
Room Solar Tank
crete heat with aluminum pex radiant heat with crete heat Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractor Maine
Crete Heat with Aluminum Pex Multi-zone Radiant w/ Crete Heat Radiant Solar - Saco Treatment Plant
Grit Bldg.
Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractor Maine Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractor Maine Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractor Maine Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractor Maine
Concentric Geothermal well being installed in Kennebunk, Maine Oakhurst dairy solar pump station in
boiler room with Wilo pump
Caleffi controller
Oceanwalk Motel solar for domestic hot water with Viessmann evacuated tubes Royal Anchor solar Viessmann 180 tubes of solar for pool and domestic hot water heating
Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractor Maine Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractor Maine Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractor MainePlumbing Heating Cooling Contractor Maine Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractor Maine
Silver Springs campground solar Viessmann tank, Vitodens back up boiler for
domestioc hot water
Solar hot water Viessmann 92 gallon stainless Vitocel tanks with Viessmann Pump station and controller. solar Lasmbert job Three Viessmann Vitocell 120 soalr starage tanks for Viessmann soalr system heating pool and domestic hot water at Royal Anchor Motel
Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractor Maine      
Viessmann Solar radiant heating and domestic hot water with Viessmann evacuated tubes.
Kennebunk, Maine



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